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13. bis 19. 07. 2020 : Mahamudraretreat mit Khenpo Tashi

13.7. - 19.7.20 Mahamudra-Retreat

Mahamudra Retreat with Khenpo Tashi Rinpoche 


In this week long retreat we will explore the mind through meditation and train in cultivating its natural state "Mahamudra." Rinpoche will guide the students both individually and in group sessions and give them pith instructions to further deepen insight based on their experiences. We will meditate in various locations in nature and practice walking meditation in the mornings according to the Theravada tradition.  In the evenings we will practice Cenresi.

Furthermore Rinpoche expressed the wish to teach about how to free oneself from physical and mental suffering, how to establish happiness and how to let the mind be at rest. Of course because everything is impermanent and due to change, based on the participants and the teacher, the content might also be adapted.





The course will begin at 3pm on July 13th and end on the July 19th at 12pm with a Milarepa Tsok offering.

The accommodations will be in shared rooms (4 or 5). If you prefer, you can bring your tent or caravan. There are a few places for putting up tents as well as a parking place. If you wish to do so, however please let us know in advance.


The meals will be vegetarian and if you have special requirements because of health issues, there is an extra cooking space available.



About Khenpo Tashi:



start:  tuesday July.13th 2020 at 3 pm (15:00 h)

10 am - 12 pm  (10h - 12h,  )
3 pm - 5pm        (15h - 17h, )
8 pm                    (20h) - .....   rezitations

end of the course: 19.7. at 12 pm (12h)


Course fee


10 € per day or

70 € - 250€


According to ones financial capacities

for the entire course.



Common room




a night





per day


Tent/Yurt & Camper



few places possible